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Terms of use

Using requires acceptance of these Terms of use.

The owner of the web site is City Hall located at Elk Street. March. J. Pilsudski 4 in Elk.

General Provisions

§ 1

Website registered under domeną hereinafter referred to as the Website is the exclusive property of the City of Elk, which referred to hereafter as the Operator and is protected by law. All content and materials contained in the Site, including the published offer, they can not be used, copied or disseminated in any form without the written consent of the Operator.

§ 2

This site is intended for owners of companies, institutions and other entities and individuals interested in investing and / or tourism.

§ 3

The purpose of the Site is associating partners to facilitate economic and business networking for investment and tourism cooperation, by providing a place to submit their tenders and to enable users to view and respond to them.

§ 4

Use of the Site (ie registration and offers access to the database) is free for all users. The publication offers is free.

User registration on the Site

§ 5

User registration is accomplished by supplementing placed in a form on the Site. Registration involves simultaneously with the statement that you have reviewed the provisions of these Regulations and with its acceptance. In the absence of acceptance of the rules the user is required to withdraw from registration.

§ 6

User registration is free.

§ 7

After you activate your account made by the administrator, each registered user will have free access to post their offers tourism and investment.

§ 8

Contact details of suppliers available to registered users, serve only to establish business contacts that are the subject of the tender.

§ 9

By registering at the Site you consent to the processing and use by the Operator and the entities it our personal information in a form specified by the user in the registration form for the purposes of customer service and provision of services by the Operator, in particular, maintain relationships and communicate changes on the Site.

Adding offers on the Website

§ 10

Added tender shall be placed by completing a form available on the Site after you register and login.

§ 11

Adding the first offer will need to register on the Site. Adding more deals done in a simplified manner - in the service by logging into your account.

§ 12

Operator reserves the right not to bid for placement, when the content will go beyond accepted standards, especially when the offer will not fall within the scope Sites (offers tourist and investment), the offer will be contained content inconsistent with the law or generally accepted standards social intercourse. Operator reserves the right to modify the title and content of the tenders.

§ 13

Filling the form and adding the offer is a declaration of will that the data contained in this form are true and can be made public.

§ 14

A registered user has the right to modify the data contained in the profile and content of bids, at any time by logging into the Site.

§ 15

Registered users have the right to remove their offer at any time after logging in to the Site. Registered users also have the right to abandon the use of the Site, through a request to delete all the data held on them by the Operator to the request sent to the dedicated for this purpose e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Account will be removed in such a case immediately.


§ 16

Operator assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and the accuracy bids placed on the Site.

§ 17

Operator assumes no responsibility for the consequences of public disclosure of confidential data held in contact.

§ 18

Site Operator reserves the right to amend these Regulations and to make unilateral changes. The changes take effect upon publication on the Site.

§ 19

All content and materials contained in the Site, including the published offer, they can not be used, copied or disseminated in any form without the written consent of the Operator.

The information contained on the website not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
Despite the best efforts can not guarantee that the published data do not contain defects or errors.
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